Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Facebook rant...

another sound voice above the deception and smoke 'n' mirrors games of politicians.... I can't believe notably this part:

"Regarding the debt directly, if they do not agree on what should be cut by November 23, 2011, the cuts will be distributed as the President sees fit. In addition, any congressman who votes AGAINST this bill is INELIGIBLE to serve on this mind-blowingly unconstitutional Super Congress." -- quote from --

So they are keeping the most fiscally minded individuals in Washington from having a voice on the committee to "reign in deficit spending" (read tongue in cheek sarcasm).  This is the most absolutely stupid thing I have heard since the idea that a no name senator from Chicago could be elected to office on nothing more substantial than promises of change and fear mongering that if you don't support his communistic socialist ideals (ala. Romney/Obama Care) then you're a racist.... oh wait that did happen, would make for a good movie one day, I would place it right next to my copy of "Idiocracy" in the comedy section... too bad we are living it.

On the not-so "Super" Congress/Committee --

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  1. Another great one!